Sometimes there are occasions that require a visit to the card shop to congratulate people on meeting a milestone birthday and others where we would prefer not to face the fact we’ve hit our forties and would prefer to pull the duvet over our heads and sob gently into our pillows.

There are times when the build up to the celebrations has taken expert planning (such as Sarah with our Christmas party) and then there are the milestones that appear to have passed us by without anybody noticing.

One such milestone was The House Crowd successfully funding our 150th project!

It hardly seems a few months since we celebrating hitting the HCP100 and I must admit now pushing for our 160th seems to have been a missed opportunity to break out the bubbles!!150 top mid2

So what does it mean hitting 150 projects fully funded?
The infographic’s explain it in paint and radiators but to the team here it’s much more than that.

150 projects is a sign that our investors still love what we are doing, we’ve smashed the £16Million raised milestone, we’ve picked up more national & international awards, we’ve started a new industry and more than anything we appear to be picking the types of property that you our investors love as much as the people who are now calling a project a ‘home’.

150 top mid

You can read more about our new projects once you have registered and self-certified on our website and hopefully be part of this exciting journey.

In the meanwhile I’m off to search for a congratulations on your 160th project card from the local shop.




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