Another great deal from The House Crowd. We’ve just launched our new peer to peer lending product designed to allow investors to invest in UK HMO’s, or houses of multiple occupancies, and receive great rewards.
The investment pays 7.5% net on the amount lent to one of the SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) that buy a specific, traditional property which will then be converted to a HMO generating a high yield. This enables us to pay our investors a 7.5% return whilst generating a decent profit margin.
Loans to the SPV are ultimately secured against the value of the property. There is no other debt on the property so lenders will have first call on monies when the property is sold.
This latest innovation is nothing new for the House Crowd, who have  already blazed a trail for new ways to invest in property by virtue of being the world’s first crowdfunded property investment vehicle.