At The House Crowd we are opening property investment to the masses; however, in doing so we are also doing our bit to bring properties back to life and make them habitable. We are buying distressed properties and giving them life. This surely has a positive impact on an area. Our method requires investment in order to do this and our transparency in what we do is there for all to see.With this type of alternative investment, we have to raise funds to do what we do and those who contribute to the project will inevitably benefit as they have invested their money. What we offer is an alternative investment that is a  win/win for all concerned. Homes that are left to perish are an unpleasant sight to many and at The House Crowd  will bring properties back to life. Let’s face it the statistics speak for themselves 1.7 million families on housing waiting lists and we have almost 750,000 derelict properties in the UK. The House Crowd via its alternative investment can help in this process we support the Empty Homes Campaign