We all have our own reasons for wanting to invest our money. It could be for financial security, to grow your portfolio, you want it to be part of your pension pot, or you simply have far too much money that you can’t spend it all – if only that was true!

We’re seeing the popularity for property investment being part of someone’s pension and retirement scheme increasing. This may be down to the annuity rates reaching its lowest for several years and the fact we’d probably have to live to about 90 to benefit from a pension. And sadly, as our average life expectancy is increasing, annuity rates are dropping further. Talk about digging your own grave there.

Here’s an interesting fact for you. A recent BBC report identified that a 65 year old man with £30,000 to invest in an annuity, would receive £1,719 per year for the rest of his years to come. In reality, after 17 and half years, the £30,000 he invested would be paid back, but if he sadly died before, then he would have lost out financially.

But every cloud has a silver lining, because if the same chap became part of The House Crowd’s property investment group, then he would receive £2,100 each year for the rest of his life at 7% with our income only product, gaining financially. AND he would still have his capital to pass on to his heirs. Not bad going, is it?

The House Crowd, plus crowd funding, plus property investment are all good ingredients for a successful annuity recipe. Well we think so anyway and so do many of our investors.

If you haven’t already joined our property investment group, then how about requesting our information pack or click here to join our investors?