As you probably already know, our MD Frazer Fearnhead received a recognition award, the Micro Business Entrepreneur of the Year, for his entrepreneurism at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014, and rightly so. The judges felt that the crowdfunding, property investments guru was a trailblazer from his creativity and ground-breaking concept which has ultimately changed how we invest in a property, making the concept more approachable for everyone. In other words, Frazer came up with an idea that would give everyone the opportunity to invest in a property through crowdfunding.

Since The House Crowd began back in 2012, The House Crowd has risen over £7million from investors around the UK and we’re currently on our 97th property investments project, which is phenomenal. We’re confident that by the time Christmas has arrived we would have reached our 100th crowdfunding investment property.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards received over 130 entries and 20 different award categories, so you can imagine how thrilled Frazer and The House Crowd team are with his win – just in time for Christmas eh? This award alone is The House Crowd’s fifth shortlisted nomination award this year, one of which was the Financial Services Business of the Year, which we won!

You never expect recognition such as this. Since day one of The House Crowd, I have had confidence in the concept we have seen come to life, and I have always seen myself and the team as innovators – but for this to be commended in this way is exceptional”, Frazer Fearnhead.

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