We’re suTHCre that you’re familiar with the term D.I.Y, we certainly are over at The House Crowd, but are you familiar with the term B.I.Y? You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you, but we will anyway. So B.I.Y means Build it Yourself, and we’re not referring to toys or building furniture here, we’re referring to real life, brick homes that we live in.

You would have thought this is something that IKEA would have come up with as part of their cool, yet overcomplicated shopping experiences, but it wasn’t them. WikiHouse (no association with Wikipedia) are the brains behind this and have a downloadable D.I.Y or B.I.Y as we like to call it, flatpack available online so you can build your own two-storey home… in just four days.

Now, we like to see ourselves at property experts, which is one of the reasons why we introduced crowdfunding into the mix, but we’re not sure if we would include the WikiHouse into our property investment projects. We don’t want to come across as sceptical, but Rome wasn’t built in a day that’s all we’ll say here, you can make up your own minds on this one…

The WikiHouse will enable you to design and download a print off B.I.Y home along with their components, which can be built using minimal skills or training – this is where we became a little dubious by it. The house itself doesn’t need the essentials such as brick, cement or bolts, but screws, staples, plugs and wedges, with the occasional hammering of the mallet to put the pieces together.

We understand that the property market has been a little touch and go to say the least, but a build your home surely can’t be the solution? Of course, any budding Bob the Builders out there are still required to get planning permission before you start building.

Maybe building a house out of Lego would be better, who knows. But the one thing that we do know is that if you are looking to climb the property ladder, then get in touch with The House Crowd and will discuss how crowdfunding can help you.