Banksy Unmasked?

Remember the time we thought we’d found where the real Banksy lived? 

Several years ago, we published the news that Banksy may have been living in one of The House Crowd’s buy-to-let investment properties. Alas, the Banksy-like stencil paintings in the garden of the property on Ranby Street turned out to be merely replicas. Oh well… that was an exciting thought while it lasted!

As is the joy of buy-to-let, when the copycat tenant moved out, we were forced to paint over his mock murals. At least our investors didn’t have to get their hands dirty!

For a long time, those in the art world (and those who have too much time on their hands) have speculated on the identity of Banksy. But ruminate no more  – we have discovered he lives in one of our properties. Our portfolio manager Kim carried out an inspection of our property at Ranby Street yesterday and discovered the reclusive artist has decorated his own garden.  We have instructed Sothebys to verify the authenticity of the works. Who knows? investors in HCP026 may be in for a bumper bonus.

Who knows? Investors in HCP026 may be in for a bumper Banksy bonus.

But then again, on closer inspection of our tenant’s artwork – perhaps not. Looks like we may have to do some painting ourselves. Such is the joy of buy to let investments!

You can forgive us for thinking we may have unearthed a valuable treasure trove of art in one of our properties. Manchester is, after all, a hub of creative talent. Many artists, musicians, writers, and performers either hail from Greater Manchester or move here for its vibrant cosmopolitan vibe.

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