Best places to invest in property: Three Key Location Factors to Consider

The best property investments are about more than luck and a large upfront investment of capital. To earn those high returns, you need to make sure you’re investing your money into the best property opportunities in the most lucrative locations available. At The House Crowd, our team has done the research for you, narrowing our focus to property investment locations in a region that we see experiencing great growth: the North West.

But why did we choose to specialise in properties in the North West? There’s no hidden or particularly complicated reason. We go where people want to buy high quality, affordable homes. It’s that simple. Areas with high demand for property will attract more new developments and more people who need short term, peer to peer bridging loans to help them buy homes. Investors who sign up with The House Crowd can invest in both.

There are many different factors that determine the best places for property investment, but three stand out as particularly important: house prices, regeneration efforts, and job availability.

House prices

As prices have historically been high in the South and other areas, properties in the North West are seen as affordable for homeowners and business owners. In the past few years, we have seen more and more young people, as well as businesses, relocating to the region. In fact, experts like Charlie Kannreuther, the head of residential at Savills Chester, believe that the North West will continue to have some of the highest residential sales in the region. It is expected to rise faster than any other region in the entire United Kingdom over the next five years, experiencing growth as high as 18% by 2022. That’s more than two-and-a-half times the rate in London.

Increased demand for property in the area combined with steadily increasing prices will lead to demand for new developments. It’s an excellent time to jump not just into the peer to peer bridging loans game, but also into property development investment.

Regeneration efforts

best places to invest in propertyLocal government and private industry in the North West have collaborated to reinvigorate areas that have been in decline. By introducing new residential and commercial projects, developers and councils seek to bring populations back – creating regions that feel desirable to not only live in, but to work in as well.

In Bolton, for example, there are currently development plans totalling over £1 billion. This will result in 1,800 new homes, 7,400 new jobs, and economic activity nearing £412 million. The House Crowd has been and will continue to invest in this area, watching closely as it continues to grow.

By investing in a region as regeneration is taking place, investors can crowdfund new developments and not only get an excellent return on their initial investment, but be a part of a movement to give a facelift to a region in disrepair.

Liverpool is a strong example of this pivot. Once a city known for its industry, the region suffered a decline in the post-industrial era as machines replaced many of the workers. In the docks, available jobs shrank from 200,000 to a mere 300. With the advent of the private-public collaboration, Liverpool One, the city has undergone astonishing growth, establishing itself as the investment hub of the North West. As the fortunes of the city continued to improve, more and more investors have joined in. It’s this kind of rush that allows investors to engage with diverse properties, bringing new industry and new life to areas that are in sore need of it.

Job availability

 Of course, people need more than just roofs over their head. With increasing development in an area often comes increased job availability. The North West has experienced significant job growth, ranging from 3% to 10% per year across different areas of the region.

With more jobs being generated in the area, particularly in the financial, professional services, creative, and retail industries, more people will want to move there, making their lives more comfortable and convenient. Look to the example of MediaCityUK in Manchester, which is populated with tech firms – and tech employees who need to live nearby. This will increase the demand for bridging loans by new homebuyers moving into the area – good news for would-be investors!

At The House Crowd, we know that property investment can seem complicated and has many barriers to entry. That’s why we want to make it simple for our investors. With small initial investments and great returns, we believe that short term peer to peer lending, secured against property, is the way of the future. We want to make sure that we connect our investors with the very best property investment locations.

Now that you know that the North West is one of the best areas to invest in property, contact our team today to see how we can put your money to work.

Your capital is at risk and returns may vary. Please read our Important Information page and Risk Warning before investing.