New build development of 19 waterside houses on the site of a former farm in Rudheath, Cheshire.

GDV: £4,630,000

Work commenced on site: July 2018

Site Schedule information:

As of 25th September 2019 the site is approximately 7 weeks behind schedule, primarily due to the inclement weather throughout July and August.  Our contractors will endeavour to claw back as much time as possible throughout the rest of the build as when the site reaches the stage where most of the work is internal the weather has less of an impact on the build.  We are aiming to have work onsite completed by the end of November 2019 and once the site is at a stage where purchasers can move in we will progress sales.

As this stage we do not have a time frame for when we will be able to start repaying investors as this is dependent on sales progressing.

Sales updates:

Marketing of the site continues with a good level of interest – a marketing event was held August 2019 and to date we have had up to 90 sales enquiries.  September 2019 the 2 reservations we had fell through but as of the end of September 2019 we have 1 new reservation on the back of the show home, which is now almost finished. Our sales agents are in negotiations on 3 further plot sales. The show home is build complete and dressing of it is just finishing in order for it be open for viewings by the weekend of 5th/6th October. We hope to see increased activity as a result of the show home opening.

Fund Raises/Investor return:
Phase/Fund Raise 1- 10%
Phase/Fund Raise 2 – 10%
Phase/Fund Raise 3 – 9%
Fundraise 4 – 9%
Fundraise 5 – 9%

Investors capital repaid: none repaid to date as the site is still under construction.  Fundraise 5 is the final fundraise.

Sept 2019 update:

– the show house is now complete build wise, and is in the process of being dressed

– brickwork to all plots is now complete

– roof timbers are complete to the majority of plots 8-17

– partitions and plastering complete to plots 1-3

– windows and doors complete to plots 1-3

– Mechanical, electrical and plumbing works ongoing to plots 2-3, 4-7, 8-19

August 2019 update:

– Works progressed in the period

– Brickwork to all plots nearing completion (final few cut ups to complete)

– Plots 18/19 brickwork complete and roof trusses installed

– 1 st fix MEP & Joinery works is complete to plots 1 2, plot 3 ongoing

– Partitions and plastering is complete to Plot 1 and ongoing to Plots 2 3

– Roof trusses ongoing

July 2019 update:

Main contractors Pioneer Design & Build continue to make excellent progress on site despite the challenging weather conditions. As of the start of August 2019, plots 1-3 are now water-tight, scaffolding has come down and first fix mechanical, plumbing and electrical work is underway. Brickwork is almost complete to the remaining plots, and installation of roof timbers has commenced.

June 2019 update:

-Installed the remaining foundations to plots 18&19

-Blockwork and facing brickwork is ongoing to 17/19 plots.

-The majority have been laid beyond the 1st floor

– Erection of scaffolding and crash decks are ongoing beyond the 1st lift

– 1st floor joists have been installed to 17/19 plots and caberdecks progressing

– Roof trusses have been delivered in preparation for install over the next period

May 2019 update:

– Viewing property should be complete by the end of June 2019

– Signage has been installed and flags are due to go up imminently. This will help drive sales and attract potential buyers.

April 2019 build update:

-Piles, beam and block floors have been installed to 17 of 19 plots.

– Sub-structure brickwork has commenced to 17 plots. Works across plots 1-7 have progressed to installation of facing brickwork

-Start on site was delayed due to obtaining a revised planning consent as well as the Contractor working on a revised foundation design for the scheme.

-Due to reported high winds and rain experienced over the last reporting period, we are currently reporting a 3.5 week delay on the build of the development. We are looking to make this time up however

March 2019 build update:

– Piles have been installed from plot 17-19

-Ground beams are now in position for concrete to get poured across plots 2 & 3

– Beam and block flooring have been installed to plots 8-17

-Internal drainage installed to 14 to 19 plots

-Although we were subject to various delays (when we first started onsite) due to revised planning consent ,  a revised work schedule will now enable us to make up for any lost time.

February 2019 build update:
– Piling has commenced and has been completed to 17 of the 19 plots. Steel cages have been delivered to the site in order to prepare for the casting of ground beams

– Orders have been placed for roof trusses, floor joists, M&E and internal walls

January 2019 build update: 

-Work has begun to lay the foundations for the properties in this development. To date, the piling has been completed on 17 out of the 19 plots. You can see the piling progress on the image on the right below.

-Drainage regulations for building work means that we have to install large ‘attenuation’ tanks to store surface water created on the development. These tanks have been installed, which means the brick work can start.

Show Home Images: