Buy-to-let properties are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those in their sixties. People are looking for ways to invest their money so they start making a secure nest for themselves.

According to new research by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, those in their sixties are looking for extra cash returns and buy-to-let schemes are the favourable choice for this. It’s given property rental loans a push and it’s increased by 58% in two years. 1 in 12 Brits over 60 now own a second home, which totals up to a quarter of the UK’s property wealth of £4.01 trillion.

With interest rates rising and the new pension rules allowing pensioners to access their money more freely, you can see why property investment is an attractive option, and with crowdfunding, it will be the best investment that you’ll ever make! Well we think so anyway!

Now, property investment has a stigma attached to it and a lot of people think it’s just for the rich, or for professionals, but it’s not. Anyone can and should be able to invest their money in a property; it’s a great business venture and a fantastic way to set yourself up for the future. Of course, it can be a long-winded process and often stressful, and there may well be set backs along the way, but it doesn’t or shouldn’t have to be like this.

Fortunately, with The House Crowd it isn’t like that, not even in the slightest. We’ve studied the property investment industry for years and understand how it operates. So we’ve alienated all the bad points and came up with a revolutionary way to invest and that’s through crowdfunding. It gives everyone the opportunity to invest in a property if they wish and earn a good return, and there’s no stress involved and no middle men to deal with. We have a dedicated team who deal with everything and everyone.

It’s stress free, hassle free and the by far the smarter way to invest. So how about it? Join The House Crowd’s investors today or contact us for more information about crowdfunding and how property investment can work for you.