Buy To Let Mortgage News

There are only 20% of the number of Buy To Let mortgage products available compared with the number on offer five years ago. There are now 411 Buy To Let deals on the market, compared with 2,265 just five years ago, according to a report by Moneyfacts.

Rachel Springall, spokesperson for Business Moneyfacts, said:

“As interest rates have fallen for Buy to Let deals, product availability and therefore choice has also dropped a staggering 82 per cent in five years.”

Of course, whilst we don’t like to see landlords being unable to build their property portfolio, the fact that so few Buy To Let mortgages are available is another reason why our investors find The House Crowd model, which requires no need for banks or mortgages, so attractive.

The Buy To Let Mortgage Can Rest In Peace

With fewer people able to raise the funds to invest in Buy To Let, the property crowdfunding model that we offer allows an in-road into the potentially lucrative world of property investment for more people.

Building a diverse portfolio, as we know all too well, is the key to a successful investment strategy. For property investors, this used to mean having access to either a lot of up-front cash, or easy access to bank finance, in order to afford multiple properties. With property crowdfunding, however, an investor can spread their investment across several Buy To Let properties (for example), potentially mitigating their risk whilst having a share in multiple investment properties.

More people are wising up to what property crowdfunding can offer as a viable alternative to outright Buy To Let investment, particularly whilst mortgage lending is so dry in this area.

Enter The House Crowd!

At The House Crowd, we are proud to be democratising property investment in the face of such trying times. We can only see the property crowdfunding model continuing to gather significant momentum over the next few years, and signs are already showing potential for the model to cause serious positive disruption to the sluggish market.

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Either way, we look forward to welcoming you into The House Crowd family with open arms. Do remember, we are here to answer any questions and queries you may have without putting any pressure on you to invest.