This is a commonly asked question amongst the 55+ age group and it’s increasing in popularity due to the new reformed pension rules, which allows retirees to have more access and control over their money. People over 55 from April will now be able to withdraw their pension as a lump sum if they chose – though only 25% of that withdrawal will be tax free.

Investing in buy to let property is always in the news and we predict that over the next couple of years, the buy-to-let market will continue to strengthen due to the new pension regulations as older investors seek out property investments that provide better returns than ISAs or annuities.

What’s more, with the advent of property crowdfunding, you can now invest in property in a totally hands free way – meaning you get the benefits of good returns with none of the hassles. Plus, there are no banks involved, so there is no need for you to have the stress of applying for mortgages or making interest payments.

It has been forecast that around 320,000 retirees are hoping to cash in their pension and invest in property this year. The House Crowd already has an established base of over 55s property crowdfunding investors on board, and we’re already receiving a much higher interest from people in this age bracket as April draws closer.

So if you’re looking for ways to invest some of your pension pot come April ’15, then contact The House Crowd today for more information about how our property investment works or download our free property crowdfunding pack. Feel to read through our investment case studies here: