Moneyfacts reveals that there has been a considerable fall in buy-to-let property investment mortgages, the number of products now available is less than a fifth of those on offer five years ago. There are now 411 prime product buy-to-let deals compared with 459 a year ago and a staggering 2,265 five years ago. The average variable rate on a buy-to-let mortgage, today is 4.53%, compared with 6.23% five years ago, while the average fixed rate of 5.03% today compares with 6.03% five years ago.

Rachel Springall, spokesperson for Business Moneyfacts, said: “As interest rates have fallen for buy-to-let deals, product availability and therefore choice have also dropped a staggering 82% in five years.” She said that competition today is “focused around the price of a few products rather than a wide selection of products, which allow for other considerations such as service and additional benefits”. With such a reduction in selection of products to help property investors, obviously restricting the access to property as a form of investment, do you blame people for looking for alternatives? We at The House Crowd offer a solution to this problem negating all those hurdles faced by investors – our crowdfunding method of property investment offers a process where all participants have a  share in the profits -  with traditional methods of investing no longer working, why not join us in thinking differently!

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