“But you won’t fool the children of the revolution,

No, you won’t fool the children of the revolution.”

T-rex understood that children are the future and we’re relying on the younger generation to pick up where we left of and make a difference. Despite what you might think, children of today aren’t stupid and they’re probably aware about the difficulties involved with joining the property market, but should parents continue to wrap them up in cotton wool?

The Bank of Mum and Dad is an option for some who want to buy a house but can’t afford it, but this option isn’t available for all, and the difficulty of climbing the property ladder becomes more of a challenge. But should your parents help their children become first-time buyers, or should they be left to fly the nest? Let us know what you think over on Facebook page or you can tweet us at @TheHouseCrowd.

House buying is never easy, whether you have a wad of money or not, and as we mentioned in our previous blog, if we could take over, one of the first things that we would do would be to make climbing the property ladder simpler and stress-free. This is one of the reasons why crowdfunding is perfect for the property market and those looking to move into the buy-to-let way of doing things. It will enable you to take your first step on the ladder, build a strong, long lasting portfolio and earn a bit of money from your returns, which can be put into a pot for a house, wedding, your children’s future, a holiday, sprucing your home up, pretty much anything really.

So if you’re counting the pennies and assessing how much you would need to save each month to buy a property, then stop. Contact The House Crowd today, or download our FREE information pack. Remember, crowdfunding is the smartest way to climb the property ladder.