New build development of four luxury apartments

GDV: £3,580,000

Started: April 2016

Status: Final works are under way as of March 2019.

Fund Raises/Investor return:
Fund Raises/Phase 1- 10% (capital repaid)
Fund Raises/Phase 2-10% (capital repaid)
Fund Raises/Phase 3- 10-12% (capital repaid)
Fund Raises/Phase 4- 9% (as of the start of March 2019 we have commenced paying out phase 4 investors their capital)

Investors capital repaid: As of the end of February 2019 all phase 1,2 and 3 investors have been repaid their capital and we will continue to repay capital as sales complete.  Investors will be emailed when it is their turn for their capital to be repaid.

Sales update: 2 plots sold, 1 reserved (scheduled to complete early April 2019 following conclusion of the building works) 1 left to sell as of 26th  March 2019.

March 2019 build update:

– One unit is complete with a snagging inspection taking place 26/03/2019

– Two units are now occupied

– The final unit is due to be complete this week

-The roof finish has yet to commence

– The store rooms are now complete

– The foyer area on the ground floor to lift is also complete- carpets are arriving next week

– The lift will be fully operational once the workforce has left the site

February 2019 build update: 

–  Another apartment is undergoing snagging and final checks

– The final unit is in the process of being tiled and should be complete as per the construction schedule

– The roof finish will be commencing this week

– The store rooms and garages are now approaching completion

– The lift will soon be operational, providing greater access to the build

January 2019 build update:

-The lower two apartments of No 10. Alderley Edge are now complete

-The ground floor apartment of the development is currently receiving kitchen installations.

-Top floor apartment  is complete. Final checks are ongoing and should soon be complete.

-We are painting the lower floor of the communal area and will soon make a start on installing a handrail on the upper floor of the development.