Could This Be The Largest Crowdfunded Charity Project In The World?

News is filtering through to The House Crowd HQ that a new viral philanthropy project, named “7 Million Acts of Love“, is aiming to become the world’s largest crowdfunded charity project. Every day we are hearing of exciting new initiatives which are utilising the crowdfunding model, and this one, in particular, excites us.

The brains behind the idea is Max Sidorov, the man who is probably best known for the IndieGoGo campaign he began that raised over £600,000 for a bullied bus monitor in America. Sidorov is aiming to create ‘the largest crowdfunded charity project in the world’, with a goal of raising $7million to support social good causes, with a particular focus on bullying initiatives.

Any example of crowdfunding in action is positive, however, we think this is a particularly fantastic idea as it really demonstrates how the concept can be used to make a difference within our communities and also further social causes – so well done to Max!

About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become a huge phenomenon in recent years. It has built new inventions and businesses from the ground up by harnessing ‘people power’ to democratise how we grow businesses and the economy at large. It has also helped countless artists and creators from all walks to gain exposure for their work, and get a leg up with their career.

Most famously, however, the vehicle has been used for many a crowdfunded charity project, giving good causes a platform for exposure and to generate more donations than ever before.

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