The “baby boomers” generation is taking the property investments market by storm and with the new changes being made to the pension pot, we can see this generation of investors dominating the industry.

Those who were born during the 1946 and 1964 (post-World War II) are known as the baby boomers, and these are the folk who will be entering retirement over the next few years. Like many other people, a large proportion of the baby boomers have lost their investment due to the financial crisis, which resulted in a drop in capital and equity. Property investments however, have remained strong considering the fluctuating housing costs, but it is still important that investors make the right decision when investing their money. Therefore, baby boomers need to understand that there are other beneficial ways of investing their money and getting involved with property investments; crowdfunding being one of them.

There is a remedy for baby boomers who are recovering from an investment loss due to the financial crisis and that’s through property investments. As we mentioned earlier, the property investments marketing or buy-to-let as it’s more commonly known, still remains strong with high returns. It’s a stable market that can help recover money that has been previously lost, whilst encouraging another form of income, especially when they reach the retirement stage.

Adding crowdfunding into the mix is just another advantage to property investments and it’s become a world phenomenon. Investors from all over the world are opting for the crowdfunding option for property investments, which enables them to connect with real estate developers and managers without the need to consult an intermediary first. Or in other words, crowdfunding has booted the middle man out of the equation from property investments. Plus, crowdfunding encourages higher returns, which means a stable and more prominent additional source of income.

Of course it’s not just baby boomers that can benefit from crowdfunding and property investments, all generations can. But with the new pension pot entering the surface in April 2015, it just makes baby boomers, crowdfunding and property investments just that bit more appealing.