As most of our investors know we’re big cat fans here at The House Crowd and we are also fans of Big Cats…
For those of you who weren’t already aware, The House Crowd are teaming up with The Big Cat Sanctuary in order to raise funds for the star of BBC’s ‘Big Cats about the house’ Maya the jaguar. We are raising the funds in a bid to create an enclosure for Maya so that as she continues to grow, she can enjoy the high standard of living that is essential for her to live a happy and healthy life.

Who is Maya?

MayaMaya was born at Wingham Wildlife Park on 11th July 2017. Soon after she was brought to The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent. The reason for Maya’s move was one out of necessity. Her mother was unable to feed her and provide the care she needed.  Because of Maya’s infancy and the threat that she now faced, The Big Cat Sanctuary’s Giles Clark stepped up as her full-time carer, raising her completely by hand.

Being only five days old when she first came to The Big Cat Sanctuary, it was essential that Maya received an extremely high level of care. Completely hand-reared by Giles, Maya has now grown into an intelligent, confident and affectionate character. Getting bigger day by day, Maya is now in desperate need of a shelter that will be big enough for to her as she continues to grow.

Why is it important?

By helping to raise funds for Maya, you are contributing to a pool of resources that will be used to help protect and study jaguars in their native Central and South America. Funds will be used to help the University of Costa Rica’s Jaguar Protection programme to study and protect the future of jaguars around the world.

With less than 15,000 jaguars left in the wild, it has never been more important to ramp up the conservation efforts, not only for Maya, but big cats everywhere. To find out more about supporting Big Cats- of all shapes and sizes- visit the Big Cat Sanctuary’s website today.


Maya the catWhat can I do to help?

Simple, take a look at the following donation guide to see how much you can donate and what you will receive as a token of appreciation. First visit  To donate simply visit our Crowdfunding for Maya page which can be found under the ‘view all investments’ tab at the top of the page.  and click the ‘more info’ button. Once on the page click on the amount that you would like to donate and select your preferred payment method. If you’re not already, you will have to register to make a donation.

Here’s what you can expect

£10 donor- A video thank you from both Giles and Maya

£50 donor- A video thank you and your name or company name on the virtual tree of life displayed on The Big Cat Sanctuary’s website

£100 donor- A video thank you, virtual tree inscription and a year’s subscription to the Big Cat Membership Programme

£1,000 donor- A video thank you, virtual tree inscription, years subscription to the Big Cat Membership Programme and a leaf with your name on it added to the real tree of life outside of Maya’s enclosure

£5,000 donor- A video thank you, virtual tree inscription, years subscription to the Big Cat Membership Programme, your name on the real tree of life outside Maya’s enclosure and a year’s membership to the sanctuary’s Apex club. This will allow you visit the sanctuary during the year.

£10,000 donor– All of the above, plus: a real tree planted along the pathway to Maya’s enclosure with your name/company name on a plaque and an invitation to the opening ceremony of the enclosure.