At The House Crowd, we love to see how the pace of crowdfunding is gathering momentum, and the new sectors beyond property investment that are now embracing this method of fund raising for the greater good of all. Scientists are now using this funding mechanism for the good of the planet! This is an excellent way for bringing funds into the world of science as the fight for public funds gets ever more competitive, and as this method of funding gathers speed, the benefits of it will surely help the progress of science, which will have a huge impact for us all – a huge well done to crowdfunding! Radioactive tuna – now that would add a different dimension to a Salade Nicoise!!

Supporting ventures whereby a group of individuals have a joint interest is a great testament as to how, by participation as a community, some good is achieved for all concerned, as reported by the BBC World Service.

It is often said that in the UK we follow the US and yes, I know we are all leaders in our world; however, in the UK we often follow the bigger beast across the pond. This being the case, surely crowdfunding will be given the recognition and acknowledgement that it deserves, having already been endorsed stateside by President Obama, who passed the Jobs Act, which allows startups to raise capital through online crowdfunding, into law on 5th April 2012.

Well done to scientists for embracing this world sweeping concept, and using it for the benefit of everyone and everything on the planet!

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