As we’ve previously stated, the term, ‘crowdfunding’ is currently all over the media, and as the Telegraph’s own Monty Munford, rightly observed in his article this week, ‘Crowdfunding really is hot’ and he couldn’t be closer to the truth!

According to there will be more than 530 crowdfunding services by the end of 2012, up 60 per cent on 2011 with 44 in the UK alone. Founded in the States, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has quickly been heralded the bees knees of crowdfunding, and has been a huge success. Simply put, if a company needs to raise money for a project then investors can use this service to back them by pledging money, from small to large amounts.

As a property investment group based on the crowdfunding model, we are great supporters of the crowdfunding movement and we hope more and more companies take advantage of the growing number of crowdfunding services available today – cutting out the traditional money men and instead raising money via peer-to-peer lending, what could be better! In an environment where it is becoming harder and harder to borrow money from the banks, which are nowadays not particularly serving the people they were created to assist, crowdfunding can only grow from strength to strength.

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