Excellent news for the status of crowdfunding property investments this month as portals, consultants and service providers of the US crowdfunding industry came together to form the National Crowdfunding Association (NCFA).

Members of this professional organisation are united in the common purposes of promoting crowdfunding in America, educating the public about crowdfunding, establishing best practices for the industry and providing networking opportunities often linked to such associations.

Which got us at www.http://thehousecrowd.com/thehousecrowd/  – the UK’s first crowdfunding property investments company – thinking about the need for a similar organisation in the UK. Not only would such a body provide a valuable boost to our homegrown entrepreneurs, it would also ensure the UK’s growing crowdfunding industry is supported, educated and protected, while reaffirming its position as an attractive option for budding entrepreneurs.

As a property investments company based on the crowdfunding model, we are great supporters of the crowdfunding movement in the US and hope the same growth is experienced here in the UK.