It appears The House Crowd has started a trend (well we like to think we have!) as there isn’t a week that goes by without the term ‘crowdfunding’ appearing in the media.

This week, it was great to read that Stainless Games, an Isle of Wight-based video games developer, had successfully secured cash on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, to finance a new edition of Carmageddon.

Fans of the controversial game have pledged more than £255,000 to the company, however, unlike at The House Crowd supporters do not receive a share of any profits, but instead are offered a range of scaled incentives to commit more money – including a free copy of the game. We think this method of pooling money together is a great alternative to the traditional model of funding which usually comes via large investors or publishers, as it helps gamers feel involved in the process.

As a property investment group based on the crowdfunding model, we are great supporters of the crowdfunding movement and we hope more and more companies take advantage of the crowdfunding phenomena that is sweeping the nation.  With the banks loathe to lend to businesses and individuals, not to mention the poor returns on savings from them, crowdfunding is going to be seen as the way forward for a number of businesses. So why not hop on the bandwagon and get involved too by joining us!

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