The House Crowd will be hosting a seminar in Manchester city centre on Tuesday 4th November at the prestige Memorial Hall, Albert Square Chop House, situated on Albert Square funnily enough. We will be showcasing to you the 21st century way to invest your money through property investment and crowdfunding, and we’ll be providing you with plenty of refreshments and nibbles, and we all love a good buffet don’t we?

Tickets are just £5 and as well as providing you with an insight into the revolutionary crowdfunding phenomenon, you’ll get the chance to do a bit of networking yourself.

Over the years, the internet has changed the way we behave and communicate with others such as, shopping, online dating and of course, how we invest our money {cough cough} – crowdfunding. Now crowdfunding is taking over the world and it will be the new Mark Zuckerberg before you know it. But it isn’t just property investment that crowdfunding is big on, film-makers and musicians are also using this form of investing to fund their projects, and Sir Richard Branson is also a huge fan. So you know it’s pretty good if the Virgin entrepreneur supports it.

If you would like to learn more about crowdfunding and why The House Crowd has become the leading property investment company, then why not come down to our seminar in November? Did we also mention that we were the first crowdfunding company in the world?

For more information about our Smart Property Investing in The Internet Age seminar, just click on this link:

So, if you are interested in property investment and would like to join The House Crowd in Manchester next month, then click here to register for our seminar.