HCD-2 Alderley Edge

Number 10 Congleton road is looking absolutely superb! The build is now at the final finish stage internally and the externals are not too far behind.  The final apartment has been taken off the market for a short time after advice from our sales agent. Whilst we finish the development, it is being used to store building material. The plan is to launch this in early 2019 with real pictures of the finished product, which we are sure will sell the final unit. As of mid January 2019, we are continuing to progress sales which have been held up slightly due to the Christmas break and solicitors offices being closed.

Investors in phase 1 were repaid their capital in December 2018, and we will commence paying out phase 2 investors when the next sales complete.

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HCD-3 The Woodlands

Early January 2019 plot 8 has been reserved and we have just had an offer on plot 11, so there certainly is activity and buzz around the site. The more people we have living on the site will serve to aid the sales. The new agents are starting in early 2019 and we have instructed new photography of finished plots.

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HCD-5 Bank Chambers

The development is well and truly coming to a close with now only the last two properties to complete. Plot 5 & plot 7 are both firmly sold to buyers who have the finance in place from their respective banks, so we expect them both to complete and move in before Christmas 2018. We should tie up the sale of the freehold and the commercial unit in early 2019, so the development is firmly closed. As of January 2019 there are 2 sales to still complete which were delayed by the Christmas break when most solicitor officers were closed. We will continue repaying capital as sales complete and investors will be emailed when it is their turn to have their capital repaid.  

HCD-13 Springfield, Coppenhall Way

As of mid January 2019, 3 of Springfield Coppenhall Way’s plots have been reserved, and 7 are still left to sell. We are due to complete on the sale of the first property on the 16/01/19.  The build has now been signed off and the site is now classified as structurally complete.

Investors in phase 1 had their capital repaid December 2018, and we will start paying out phase 2 investor capital when the next sales complete on a first in first out basis.  Investors will be emailed when it is their turn to have their capital repaid.









HCD-14 Library House, Frodsham

The roof work is now complete – the original roof has been stripped and replaced with the addition of skylights. All brick and block work, structural steelwork and scaffolding work is complete – scaffolding has now been removed. Windows and doors are being installed and first fix electrical and mechanical installations are underway.

The show flat was slightly delayed but was finally complete and opened the weekend of of 12th January 2019 and 7 viewings went ahead that day with another 4 going ahead w/c commencing 14th January 2019.  We have also just appointed a new agent to progress the sales.  Two units are already reserved with sales progressing, and the development should be complete by mid-April 2019.

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HCD-15 Buckton View, Mossley

The superstructure masonry and roof structure are now complete on plots 1-3; roof tiling is underway and the windows are being installed. On the main site substructure masonry is complete on plots 4-17 and 29-36. Drainage work continues and plot drainage is complete on plots 4-17. Foundations are complete on plots 30-36 and pouring of foundation slabs for plots 4-17 is underway.

We currently estimate that construction of the development will be completed by the end of August 2019 and to date we have 2 units reserved.  Our appointed sales agents are now looking to ramp up the sales and marketing efforts as the site is starting to take shape.

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HCD-16 Moss Farm, Leighton

We have finally completed on this site following receipt of the necessary easement paperwork from the local authority. We are currently working to complete pre-commencement planning conditions and demolition of the existing buildings is due to commence shortly.


HCD-17 Parkside, Sandbach

 The asphalt has been laid and this site is very close to completion – landscaping is underway and the contractors are working through the snagging issues. The final major task is connection of the site sewerage into the mains which will take place in January 2019 as we were unable to obtain permission to dig up the road any sooner. We have several buyers ready to move into the site and anticipate renewed interest on the remaining units once we are able to bring buyers onto the site to see the completed units.

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HCD-19 Fox Owl Rise

Piling work continues across the site and steelwork for foundations is being installed in plots where piling is complete. We are pleased to report one plot reservation already despite minimal marketing to date.

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HCD-20 Bridge View, Rudheath

Piling is now almost complete across the site and drainage work is well underway – the main storm drain is in place and work is underway to install and connect the attenuation tank. Work has commenced on the ground beams.

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