Alderley EdgeHCD2- Congleton Road, Alderley Edge

The end of May and the start of June has brought continued progression on both the build and the sales. We have now reserved both duplex apartments at number 10, Alderley Edge and are still not “On the market” as of yet. We have conducted various “Off market” viewings, and as a result, have managed to secure two cash buyers that are looking to move quickly! Our agent is still advising us to stay off market until we have the final two apartments sufficiently progressed, but if the right buyer comes along through their network we will happily organise viewings.

As seen in the images, we have put 90% of the windows in (frames only, glass will go in at a later stage) and started plaster boarding/plastering. We have finished the first fix plumb and first fix electrics. Rendering is also well underway. The scaffolding has not been taken down as of yet but will be taken down at the back end of this week at which point we will provide a further picture update. The project programme does have apartment 3 & 4 (which have already been sold) being completed last, however as they are now the first to be sold (Such is life) we will try and amend the programme to bring them in first. You can view the latest images and updates here.


HCD3-The Woodlands, Bolton Upon Dearne

The Woodlands is looking more and more like the original CGI day by day. We now have 18 houses with roofs on. We are also continuing to plaster houses and have 10 houses plastered and ready for final choices. Sales have continued steadily. We have secured one further sale this month, bringing us to 11 out of 28 in total. We have also had plot 24 exchange this month. We believe that another 2 or 3 should go in the next two weeks.

We are meeting exchanged clients this Tuesday to start picking their fixtures and fittings, so we should be starting to see completions happen within the next 8 weeks.

You can view the rest of the images here.





HCD5-Bank Chambers, Stockport

We now believe we have completed the remaining works to meet the local regulatory requirements. We have asked for a meeting early as possible next week to confirm this and get the sign-off.  As soon as we do, we will be requesting 5 apartments to complete within 10 days.

We have also appointed a second agent to help us sell the remaining units.

HCD7- Brundred Farm, Prestbury

All investors in phase 1 of the Brundred Farm loan have now received their capital and interest. As explained to investors in this loan, we have decided to redesign the site and seek new planning approval and will re-launch the revamped development later in the year.


Bollin Heights

HCD10- Bollin Heights, Wilmslow

We have had another good month of progression for the building of the remaining apartments at Bollin Heights. We have a 12–13-week programme to finish the build and currently, we are on target for this. Since our last update, we have managed to get most of the windows in, 90 % of the studwork in and started to board/plaster. We were let down by our intended plastering sub-contractor but have managed to find a new one to keep us on track.
There are currently four apartments left to sell and once the landscaping work is complete, we feel it will have a far greater kerb appeal, which should, in turn, encourage more sales.

We are, however, starting to greatly improve the site through external painting and bringing down the extension scaffold, moving the site cabins and repositioning the site toilets. We have appointed a secondary sales agent to help sell the remaining units and they have managed to secure 3 viewings thus far. You can view the images here.



SpringfieldsHCDC13- Springfields Coppenhall, Sandbach

Final snagging is underway, and the long-awaited drainage connection is ongoing, once these are complete then the site will be handed over to us by the contractor. Our first sale is progressing through legal and we are aiming to complete this as soon as possible. We have appointed a specialist new homes sales agent, who have booked six viewings this week and have a full-scale relaunch day planned for June 16th. We anticipate early sales following this, particularly once the first occupant moves onto the site.

We are very pleased with the look, feel and finish of the completed houses and we hope you will agree when you look at the photos, which you can see here.










Frodsham Old Library HCDC14 -Frodsham Library, Frodsham

Sales hoardings are now in place around the site which has resulted in a significant uplift in the volume of sales enquiries. Marketing of the site will commence shortly in conjunction with our local agents and we are working with the main contractor to identify the most suitable location for a show home, taking into account access and health and safety issues.

The majority of the internal steelwork is now complete and floor joists have been installed to the first floor on the steelwork within the former main library space. Steelwork for the extension is ongoing.

Drainage runs have been fully installed internally at the lower ground floor level and backfilled.

You can view the latest images here.





HCD15- Buckton View, Mossley

As part of the ongoing earth moving works, the rear gardens to plots 32-36 have been formed, and the excavation has taken place in order to level the plots. The new site entrance has also been formed and is now in operation. Foundation work has been ongoing on plots 1-3 and the reinforcements are in place. The concrete is due to be poured shortly. Drainage works to these plots are also ongoing. The stone for plots 1-3 has been ordered. The site cabins have now been moved to the main site. Removal of remaining tree and stump waste is ongoing.

We continue to receive an ever-increasing volume of sales enquiries via our website, even more so since the site hoardings were erected.  Our local sales agent has been onsite and will commence the marketing of plots 1-3 in the next month or so. You can view the images here.



HCD16- Moss Lane-Leighton 

We are awaiting an easement from the local authority prior to completion of the purchase – a practical start on site is scheduled for the first week in July.

In the meantime, a new fence is in place on site, detailed construction drawings are being prepared and materials are being specified and ordered. Subcontractors are also being appointed.


Parkside newHCD17-Parkside, Sandbach 

All foundation work is now complete and brickwork is complete up to the damp proof course on all blocks.

Blocks 1 and 6 are both now substantially complete, blocks 2 and 3 the brickwork is close to complete and are almost ready for plastering. Block 4 the timber frame is around 25% complete; block 5 is ready for block and beam flooring to be installed.

Of the 14 properties we now have eight reserved – we are close to exchanging on four of these.

You can view the rest of the images here.






HCD19-Egyptian Mill, Lees, Oldham

We have completed the purchase of the site – we have had a pre-commencement meeting with the main contractor, employer’s agent and architect. We are scheduled to make a start on site in July. Detailed design work is underway in order to discharge pre-start planning conditions.

Design of hoardings and brochures is underway.


HCD20-Bridge View, Rudheath 

We are due to complete the purchase today – 8th June. Our appointed contractors have begun the design development process and the plans are with our architects for some improvements to the flow and appearance of the houses. The site strip is scheduled to begin next Wednesday 13th June.