Alderley Edge HCD-2

Alderley Edge has really turned a corner over the last month, and many of the final finishes are progressing nicely.

In addition, we now have the front of the development all tidied up, fitted two kitchens, had all the living spaces and 4 bathrooms tiled. 2 of the flats have been decorated and bi-fold doors have been installed. Worktops have been ordered and the windows glazed.

In our latest construction update meeting on 25/09/18, we have realised that an October completion is now unachievable; this is partly due to a couple of specialist items that have been difficult to source. We have revised the completion date to the first week in November.

Interest in the remaining apartments remains strong.

You can view the latest images here.

                                                                                        The Woodlands HCD-3

The build at The Woodlands is on course to finish by early January.

There are only two scaffoldings left up on the project and one final roof to complete.  Once completed we can then concentrate on making the properties watertight across the rest of the site. Otherwise, 90% of the build has been completed. We hope that over the next month, we will be able to move in another couple of families. We have made a concerted effort to improve our marketing and have re-aligned our pricing to aid the next tranche of sales. We have taken a number of different approaches to ensure maximum visibility of the project. The distribution of leaflets in and around the local area will help drive enquiries. We are also continuing to maintain a strong digital presence. Thus far it seems to have had a positive effect.  The past month has seen a number of enquiries and one additional reservation. Plot 18 has now exchanged and 17 looks to follow suit this week. If that wasn’t enough good news, plot 15 completed last week.

You can view the latest images here





Bank Chambers HCD-5

We are just in the process of getting the final sales over the line at Bank Chambers and setting up the management company for the final handover. All of the final properties should be handed over in October.  We commenced repaying investor capital on a first in first out basis August 2018, and are continuing to do so as sales complete.


                                                                    Bollin Heights HCD-10

Bollin Heights is now build completed. Great news! Even though we have a few final plots left to sell and finalise, the development has, despite a few delays, been a massive success.

We still have two apartments to sell (due to one buyer being unable to raise the finance.  The rest of the apartments, however, will complete within the month of October, which will mean all capital and interest can be paid.

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                                                                                   Springfields HCD-13

Our first reservation for this development is currently with the solicitors. We are working to exchange and complete as quickly as possible. With two other interested parties awaiting sales on their own houses, we are continuing to receive interest. We are also receiving viewings via our local agents and expect activity to increase now that the summer holidays have come to an end. 

We are very pleased with the look, feel and finish of the completed houses and hope you will agree when you look at the photos.

You can view the latest photos here.









                                                                                       Library House, Frodsham HCD-14

The roof of the building has been removed and is being raised in part and then replaced with the addition of skylights. Brickwork to enable the increase in roof height is well

underway. The first-floor structure to the rear of the building is almost complete and staircases are under construction in the main building. Internally the apartments in the original building are

really taking shape and we hope to have our show apartment complete in early November. You can view the latest images here.









                                                                                   Buckton View, Mossley HCD-15

Plots 1-3 are now at chamber level. This means that we can soon get to work on installing the first-floor joists. Once this pivotal part of the construction process has been completed, we can get to work on the next part of the development. The sheet piling on the main site is almost complete. Piling on the road, on the other hand,  is ongoing for plots 4-17.  Construction on the foundations of these plots has also begun.

You can view the latest images and videos here.









Moss Farm, Leighton HCD-16

Unfortunately, we have still been unable to complete on the purchase of this site due to an error by the council in the draft easement documentation – we do not anticipate this to cause much further delay but for the time being, its out of our hands until the documentation is reissued.

The newt monitoring period has almost come to an end – one newt was found on the site and has now been repatriated to a local pond with an existing newt population.


                                                                                         Parkside Sandbach HCD-17

All kitchens are now on site and the last two are currently being installed. Utilities are being installed and connected to the houses. Postal addresses have been confirmed by the council. This means that meters can now be installed and registered. Second fix electrical work is underway and decorating is ongoing. Landscaping to the rear gardens is also ongoing.

You can view the latest photos here.







                                                                                      Fox Owl Rise HCD-19 (formerly The Egyptian Mill) 

Good news- there is now a piling rig on site. As a result, we have begun to commence piling to all plots along Wellyhole Street at the front of the site. Trial excavations continue across the rest of the site to facilitate ongoing piling. Design work is well underway.

You can view the latest images here 









                                                                                Bridge View, Rudheath HCD-20

The drainage design is now complete and our contractors will be making a practical start on site Monday 8th October. The brochure is complete and we continue to receive a high level of enquiries via our website.

You can view the images here