Alderley Edge Alderley Edge HCD-2

June was another great month for number 10 Alderley Edge. Our first of the 4 apartments have now been exchanged.

The outside of the main building is almost complete – with the exception of the bi-fold doors and glass for the balconies. The garages have come together nicely and by the end of the week we will be starting work on the external stone wall. The building’s interior is now starting to reflect the exterior. Walls and ceilings are being plastered across all of the apartments. The kitchen for apartment 2 is due to start being fitted in 2 weeks, so the finishing line of the project is in sight.

We have also discussed the launch of the final two apartments on the open market, and have agreed that once the apartments have been painted,  cleared of building materials and generally tidied up, they will be launched. This work has all been scheduled for the next 10 days.

Apartment 4 has appointed their surveyor to carry out a pre-exchange inspection, so hopefully, this will exchange within the month of July.

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The Woodlands HCD-3 Development Update
At The Woodlands we now have 26 houses that are watertight with roofs on and windows fitted. The rest of the houses have their brickwork complete and are currently awaiting to be roofed.

13 plots are now either sold or reserved.  Between both estate agents we have had 9 scheduled viewings over the weekend, so remain hopeful that we will tip over the 50% sold/reserved mark this week. Plots 15, 16, 24, & 28 have all made their final choices on their individual fixtures and fittings.  3 of which will be complete by mid-September. This month there has already been reservations on plots 1, 17 & 18, so if they exchange quickly we should have a further 3 completions due for the end of September.

We are still very much on target and look to have the build completed by the end of the year.

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Bank Chambers HCD-5

The Bank Chambers apartments in Stockport are now nearing completion with a number being handed over to excited new home-owners. The contractors have ensured the stylish open plan apartments have made the most of the building’s Georgian windows and extensive architectural features. The apartments on the upper floors have been made light and airy by the introduction of velux roof lights, and also feature stunning roof trusses and roof timbers that can be seen on our photographs.

The apartments are situated on the corner of the old market square, which is due to be part of Stockport’s regeneration plan. This should add more value to the properties in the future.

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Bollin HeightsBollin Heights HCD-10

Over the last month we have taken on board the opinions of the estate agents and tried to tidy up the outside of the development to aid sales.

The removal of the site cabin and original scaffold has let people get their first real glimpse of the extension. This has led to a significant amount of interest over the development. There has also been another reservation this month, with 6 viewings and more over the last weekend.  We have been told that more are interested in making second viewings. In total we now have 28 apartments exchanged or reserved, meaning that we only 4 more left to sell. Our target is to be completely sold before the end of the build if possible. We have also agreed to the lease to the gym,  which should be open by the middle of August. This is another factor that we feel will help aid sales.

We should have 5 or 6 completions this month, starting with apartment 22 this week. Following that apartment 27, 30 & 5 should complete and plot 31 & 2 should exchange/complete.

The extension is now 75% plastered and kitchens have started going in. Out first extension handover is the end of the month, so the car park and other externals are scheduled to be completely finished.

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Springfields, Sandbach Coppenhall Way HCD-13Springfields Coppenhall

The drainage connection is finally complete and the site is due to be handed over to us shortly by the main contractor. Our first sale is still with the solicitors and we are aiming to complete on this as soon as possible once some complications with the buyer’s position have been resolved. We are working hard alongside our new agents to convert the interest we have received into further sales. The agents are using the latest social media technology to deliver adverts to interested groups and there are examples of these in the attached folder

We are very pleased with the look, feel and finish of the completed houses and we hope you will agree when you look at the photos.

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Development update Frodsham Library

Library House, Frodsham HCD-14

After some initial delays on this project things are now moving along well. Downstairs all of the old floors have now been fully insulated and soundboard. All of the new steels have been fire boarded and all of the metal studding has been installed.

Upstairs all of the old tongue and groove boarding has been removed from the ceiling – this was a bigger task than originally thought as there was a huge amount of old roofing waste discarded above the ceiling from works which had taken place on the building many years ago.

The first lot of steels for the extension has now been delivered and the remaining steels will be delivered w/c 9th July. The steelwork sub-contractors are due on site mid-July to erect the frame.

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Buckton View

Buckton View, Mossley HCD-15

Significant earthworks have been taking place during June to continue the formation of the rear gardens of plots 30-36 and the new access road; the contractors have also begun to lay capping layer to the access road. The site is really beginning to take shape as a result of this work and progress continues to be made.

All tree and stump waste has now been removed from the site, enabling work to be carried out to its fullest capacity.

Reinforcement and concrete works have been completed to the foundations of plots 1-3; substructure work, drainage work and formation of the road to these plots is ongoing.

We are delighted that two houses have now been reserved despite the early stage of the build.

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Moss Lane, Leighton HCD-16

We are still awaiting an easement from the local authority prior to completion of the purchase. Once we have this in place we are poised to make a start on site.

In the meantime, the newt fence is in place on site and monitoring is ongoing and pre-commencement work is also ongoing.



Development Update ParksideParkside, Sandbach HCD-17

 Things are moving fast now at Parkside. There has been significant progress on clocks 1 and 6 substantially complete – kitchens and bathrooms are now in.  Block 2’s brickwork, plastering, joinery and first fix plumbing and electrical are now complete. Windows are going in, block 3 is ready for plastering – all brickwork, joinery and first fix plumbing and electrical are complete. Blocks 4 and 5 are the timber frames are complete and brickwork is ongoing.

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Wellyhole Street, Lees Brook HCD-19

We have completed on the purchase of the site – we have had a pre-commencement meeting with the main contractor, employers agent and architect and we are scheduled to make a start on site in July. Detailed design work is underway in order to discharge pre-start planning conditions. Design of hoardings and brochures is underway.


Development Update Bridge ViewBridge View, Rudheath HCD-20

 The existing farm building has now been demolished and the site has been stripped. Work is underway to discharge planning conditions and a full start on site is scheduled for 16th July. The initial marketing materials displayed on site have resulted in a high level of enquiries via our website which has reinforced our belief that this will be a popular development.

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