Manchester is the greatest city in the UK and it’s no surprise that it’s the second city after London. This means we’re second in line to the throne! Just kidding, it means we’re second in line in becoming the capital city. Imagine the Royal family living up here with us Mancs?

There’s probably a lot about Manchester that you wo’nt already know and after reading this blog, you’ll be a proud Mancunian! We just don’t know where to begin, so we’ll go way, way back and into Ancient Roman times.

Are you familiar with Castlefield in Manchester? Do you know where the name Castlefield came from? Well, Castlefield is a famous and historic area in Manchester, which is filled with Roman history including the Roman Gardens and the Manucium fort. The famous fort was built around the River Medlock and Irwell in AD79. Pop down and see it, it’s one of the most stunning areas in the city.

Manchester was also the place where things happened and we’re talking big things! So before our city became the first industrial city, it used to be a small market town before the Industrial Revolution stepped in. Who knew? And that’s where Market Street came from! We became the centre of the cotton industry and had the first canal built during the industrial era in 1761 for transportation – Duke’s Canal, or as it is more commonly known, The Bridgwater Canal.

Manchester was also home to the first steam passenger railway station in the World. Hopefully the trains ran a little better then and not constantly delayed or on strike! In 1824, the world’s first omnibus service was available which ran from Market Street and three years later, we also had the first telephone exchange in Europe and you can guess how Manchester Central Exchange came about!

The 20th Century witnessed the first industrial park in the world – Trafford Park and the Ford Motor Company settled in 1910. Manchester was also home to the first computer.

After Matt Busby took over Manchester United in 1945, they went to become the FA Champions in 1948 and they’re now the biggest football club in the world. And we can’t forget about their rivals Manchester City. By 1939, they were the league champions and double FA cup winners and are also one of the biggest clubs in the world.

We can’t talk about Manchester without mentioning the first ever and long lasting soap drama, Coronation Street. Of course, Manchester is home to a few famous people, but we’ll save that for another blog.

And the rest is history as they say.

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