New build development of 45 houses and 9 apartments in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

GDV: £10,990,000

Commencement date of work on site: October 2018

Status: Under construction (as of February 2019)

Reservations/Sales: the Buckton View show home opened to viewings 8th June 2019 which led to 2 further reservations that weekend, on top of the 2 units already reserved.

Fund Raises/Investor return:

There will be further fundraises in order to fund future build costs.

Phase/Fundraise 1- 9%
Phase/Fundraise 2- 10%
Phase/Fundraise 3 – 9%
Phase/Fundraise 4 – 9%
Phase/Fundraise 5 – 9%
Fundraise 6- 9%

Marketing updates:

– A sales cabin is now available at Buckton View for this development as both developments have very similar specs.

– Sales hoardings are now up.

– We continue to receive interest from potential buyers

May 2019 Update:

-Hoarding has gone up directing potential buyers to our nearby site Buckton View development (4 miles away) as per the reasoning in the sales update.

-Work is progressing well as a whole, partly thanks to the good weather that we have been receiving .


April 2019 Update:

– Cut and fill is now complete

-Excess material is now being stored on site and is expected to be removed over next period in preparation of piling works.


March 2019 Build Update:

– The land has now been levelled and excavated material has been stored onsite to be removed at a later date.

– Piling work is currently underway from plots 6 through to 11. This will make the ground beneath the developments sturdier and stable.

-Approximately half the piles that are already in the ground were being cut down at the time of the site visit.

-Substructure blockwork (the foundations) have been laid in anticipation of the upcoming brickwork

-Foul (domestically produced water) and surface water (roof or ground water) connections have also taken place over the past month.

-As a whole, everything continues to progress on schedule

– A property that will be available for viewings is on track to be implemented in August

February 2019 Build Update:

– The extensive excavation work on the site is now complete and we await removal of excess material which will be removed later in the build.

– We have now completed piling works on blocks 6, 7, 8 (the insertion of vertical columns of concrete/steel driven deep into the ground to give extra support to the foundations above).

– We have also commenced laying tarmac to the access roads.

January 2019 Build Update: 

– The building site has been stripped of all bushes, foliage, rubbish etc – a process known as ‘site strip’.

-Foundation work has been completed on 2 of the 11 blocks on the site, however, a period of rainfall has slowed this process down. We’re scheduled to recommence this work in February.

-In the meantime, we are progressing with the installation of site drainage, a new access road and building work to the 2 blocks where foundations are in place.

Most Recent Development Images: