A recent FCA report stated that 15 Million people are not paying into a pension

The whole UK financial services industry and those parts of government that influence it should be ashamed.

Just how is it possible that an advanced economy such as the UK can have around 15 million adults who are not saving for their retirement?

I believe the entire state pension scheme is nothing more than a huge Ponzi scheme that is on the verge of collapse and people must take control of their own future well-being. There is something seriously wrong in a country that does so little in terms of financial education and simultaneously makes it prohibitively expensive for people to acquire proper advice. With the rise of the alternative finance industry, fin tech entrepreneurs have shown it is possible for people to take control of their finances and get better results than traditional financial institutions ever provided for them. More and more it is the new fin tech companies that are offering people the simple, easy to understand investment options they want in order to give them the ability to grow their savings at a decent rate with a healthy level of security.

For example, over the last 2 years The House Crowd have paid our investors an average return of 9.03% on peer to peer loans with no capital lost.

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