You probably heard the collective “phew” once the new website went live last week.

I hope you love it as much as we do and are finding the experience much more ‘user friendly’ than the old site.


As with anything new there are going to be teething problems so many thanks for your patience during these first few days.

We have received a number of emails from investors and clients who have encountered issues and have either replied individually or have collated them to see if there are common issues.

Having worked through the emails we found these are the main problems that have arisen, the answers are detailed below.

Q: I have logged in to my portfolio but some of my investments are not showing.

A: During the transfer of the original investments database across to the new platform it can sometimes it can take up-to 24Hrs for your investments to show, however if something is incorrect please email [email protected] and we will investigate this as a priority.


Q: I have finished stage 4 of 4 the accreditation but my account is still showing as un-accredited what’s next?

A:  Congratulations on passing all 4 stages of accreditation this is required for the ‘FCA Accreditation’.

We are legally obligated to make you complete these steps before we are allowed to show you our investments portfolio.

Please click this link to view our property portfolio

You will still need to complete an additional stage before your account is accredited this is step5. your KYC check for this we need a copy of your Photo ID showing your registered address details but this only required if you are going to make an investment.


Q: I don’t have an eWallet or haven’t completed my KYC (step 5)

A:  If you do not see your eWallet then you may not have completed Stage 5.

Your KYC Check.

To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the property investments page a link can be found here:
  2. Select any property and press “View Details” then select  “I am ready to invest
  3. Dismiss the warning that you need to upload your ID.
  4. Scroll down the page and select to “Upload your ID”  This should be photo ID e.g. passport or driving licence and contain the same name and address we have on file. This is required for our payment partner Mangopay to create your eWallet and finish your KYC submission.
  5. The site will provide a notification that upload was successful, please dismiss this.
  6. IMPORTANT – Scroll back down the same page and press “SAVE & Finish” If you miss this step your account status will not change to ‘Accredited‘ – if you miss this you can press this link after the ID upload.



Q: My investments are showing but the date of investment isn’t correct

A:  Please email [email protected] with details of the property codes and we will get this amended for you.


Q: I’ve forgotten my password:

A: If you have previously logged into the new website (i.e. after 30/08/2016) you will need to select the forgotten password option


Link to forgotten password can be found here:

I you have never signed into the new website please use this link as an existing member to have your password set:

IMPORTANT:  In both cases you will receive a confirmation email with an activation or re-set password link.

This may have gone into your junk folder so please check there before contacting our support via live chat.

Q. What’s involved in registering?

A: Please click through our guided sign up process walk-through