The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has for the first time approved a crowdfunding website facilitating direct investment in small businesses. It means investors using the website, Crowdcube, will now be able to claim compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and access the Financial Ombudsman Service if they have a complaint.

The opinion here at The House Crowd is that it’s good to see a regulator starting to approve dynamic forms of financing like crowdfunding. As demonstrated by our unique business model, crowdfunding can provide great returns for all, in a safe, transparent way.

Currently, as The House Crowd doesn’t fall under the definition of either a CIS (Collective Investment Schemes) or OEIC (Open Ended Investment Companies), we do not require the FSA’s authorisation to operate.  However, even though we are not FSA regulated, we do everything we can to ensure that all our dealings are as transparent as possible and that investors are made fully aware of the risks as well as the rewards in any investment. We also ensure your money is protected as far as possible – you never pay money directly to us, all investment monies are paid to a solicitor’s client account and held there until the property is purchased and your shares are issued.

The House Crowd is a brand new concept in property investment which allows people to invest small amounts via crowdfunding (for more information on the process, visit www. We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments (for more information about us, visit www. If you’ve read enough and want to invest now, visit www.