We’ve all said that one day we’ll be living in a futuristic world that will (hopefully in 1000 years) be taken over by robots, and it looks like it might just be happening.

Take this below futuristic style home for example. London architecture, Margot Krasojevic, has cleverly designed a hydroelectric home that has a futuristic feel to it. The Hydroelectric Tidal House has one goal in mind, well two if you include looking good; to generate energy through consistent and powerful movement of waves.


There will be two parts to the home, an outer shell and an inner shell. The outer shell will be constructed from concrete to support the home, as well as using solar cells to generate energy for the living area of the home. And as for the inner core, it will be made from aluminium and will have consistent movements with the tide. A two-part turbine has been included in the inner shell so it can react to the waves and compress air to create an electrical current.

It sounds and looks pretty awesome doesn’t it? Imagine we added this home to our crowdfunding property investments list? It would seller quicker than freshly baked minced pies at Christmas.

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