The House Crowd are always looking for new changes to the way we do things, so you, our property investors receive the best possible service and a service that suits you. Now, if you didn’t receive the newsletter that we sent last week, you’ll have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, so we thought (whilst gazing into the sun) that we’d sum up a few changes here and there.

We’ll get the boring part out the way – changes to the law and property market. As law abiding citizens, these changes in the law has meant that we need to alter the legal structure and the way we raise the money for new properties. Fortunately, The House Crowd has had the go head to operate a crowd funding platform until March 2016. But don’t worry; we’re working on extended this time frame.

The House Crowd will operate purely as a fundraising platform and the House Crowd Property Management Limited (our sister company) will be offering all investments. The property market has continued to increase their prices, which is inevitable, therefore, we must adapt too and our team are currently in the process of improving the returns and service we offer on our property investments.

What else has changed? Well, we have more choice to where the property investments are located and we’re not just talking Greater Manchester here. Oh no, we’re talking UK spread and even over the Atlantic Sea to far, far away! There will be more choice in our buy to let purchases, which will include student accommodation.

And there’s more…

We have new property investments options, which are the profit share model – the joint venture model where all profits are shared; and an income only model – for those interested in achieving the highest fixed return as possible. There will also be an exit strategy, which means all property investments will include a minimum term investment, and at the end of the investment, we will provide you with a valuation and you can vote each year as to whether you want to sell at the given price.

The House Crowd will also have a brand new website very soon, we’re just waiting on one or two things to be finalised and then we will hit the live button!

So there you have it, a few changes to property investments. If you would like some more information, just get in touch with The House Crowd today.