It has been an exciting two years for The House Crowd. Not only were we the first crowd funding company to specialise in property investment in the world, but thanks to our investors, we have helped to raise over £5m, which has helped us to purchase over 70 residential houses around the Greater Manchester area.

We love Manchester, there’s never a dull moment and it is one of the greatest cities in the UK. Aside from having two of the biggest football teams in the world (including Man United), there is a lot of history that surrounds our North West city. We don’t want to bore you with a history lesson, but you can find out some interesting hidden historical information here. And because of our fondness for our home town, it’s been a great honour to give something back to the community in the form of our crowd funding and property investment schemes. We’ve enabled people to climb the property ladder in a smarter, hassle-free way and helped to home residents.

The House Crowd’s Managing Director, Frazer Fearnhead stated his delight that the number one crowd funding company has passed a significant milestone. “The Country’s fascination with property and the attraction of hassle free investment through crowd funding has proved to be a very popular combination.”

Frazer continued to say that “We speak with investors on a daily basis frustrated with their banks or the poor levels of interest accrued in their savings accounts. More and more people are looking to boost their retirement income, or do something with smaller amounts of money than have it sitting around, doing nothing. The House Crowd provides investors, of any age, the opportunity to invest in bricks and mortar without having limitless means.”

The House Crowd has now reached our 77th investment project and we’ll be sure to pop open the bubbly when we reach our 100th project milestone!