The Green Deal: A Sensible Option

Recent figures released by the National Landlords Association suggest that over half of Britain’s landlords plan to install energy-saving technologies at their properties as part of the government’s Green Deal initiative, creating more green properties across the UK.

The Green Deal, which is now scheduled to come into effect as of January 2013, is designed to entice business and home owners to retrofit their outdated and inadequately insulated properties, with no upfront costs and simple, transparent repayments attached to energy bills.

The introduction of the scheme is an acknowledgement that Britain has some of the oldest housing stock in Europe which requires mass modification to ensure energy bills don’t spiral out of control. The real crux of the Green Deal for homeowners is that all retrofit works must be pre-assessed to ensure financial savings are equal to or greater than the costs being attached to the energy bill.

Here at The House Crowd, we think the Green Deal will provide a great incentive for landlords to upgrade their property portfolio, but to be a complete success, it is important a common sense approach is taken with the scheme’s criteria and payments. This initiative has potential to be a real boon for both property owners and Britain’s environmental credentials.

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