Christmas has come early for The House Crowd, as the UK’s crowdfunding week has arrived! Hurrah! It means we can talk about, share stories and fill you with more information about crowdfunding and our property investment scheme even more!

We love crowdfunding (as you can tell). It’s one of the best things to come out since sliced bread and it’s enabled so many people to help achieve their goals, such as property investment. And, if the entrepreneur king Richard Branson tells the world that he would have turned to crowdfunding all those years ago, then you know it’s going to be a cracker.

The House Crowd specialises in property investment crowdfunding and it’s an area within the property industry that we’ve nailed. Our entrepreneurial MD, Frazer Fearnhead came up with the idea of allowing people to climb the property ladder without the stress and hassle of banks, mortgage loans, dealing with estate agents, solicitors etc… through investment crowdfunding.

And here’s what happens:

  • Our investors are grouped together through our property investment crowdfunding group
  • We have a carefully thought out structure, which means you’re investing in shares in a Special Purpose Vehicle (limited company called an SPV), meaning the property will be owned mortgage free.
  • We’ll send out a legal information pack to each of our property crowdfunding investors, highlighting the returns that you could receive, along with your rights and protections as a shareholder, as well as a few other things.

It’s pretty straight forward and that was our original aim, to make property investment straight forward and as simple as can be.

So how about it? Download our FREE information pack today (found on our website) for more information about investment crowdfunding or you can simply register your details online. And guess what? The House Crowd has almost reached its 100th crowdfunding property investment project! We’re so exciting we might just scream from the rooftops and swing round lampposts!