Landlords nationwide are heading down the refurbishing, run-down properties and renting them out to tenants to earn a higher return, route.

With the increase of house prices and mortgage rates, Landlords are struggling to maintain a profit and therefore, looking to refurbish properties to help make up for lost returns. To do this, they are buying neglected homes at a low cost and refurbishing them to add value and interest from long-term tenants.

There are pitfalls involved with financing refurbishments including managing the build, as well as a battle to maintain returns in the face of property prices increasing, therefore, mortgage loans rising also. It can harness those looking to take their first step onto the property ladder and put them off joining the buy-to-let market. However, The House Crowd has a solution; crowdfunding.

The House Crowd were the first crowdfunding company for property investment in the world and we know only too well the stress involved with property buying, which is why we came up with a great plan. Our property experts search for potential buy-to-let properties, we let them become available to our investors and give them the opportunity to invest via crowdfunding, and once the money has been raised, we simply do all the grafting. We’ll take care of and manage any refurbishing and building work that is required, and then let it loose on the market for new tenants to move in.

And here’s the best bit. You won’t have to deal with the middle man. So no estate agents making commission, no surveyors, no bank solicitors, no mortgage companies and no midnight calls from tenants because they have no water or had a power cut. The House Crowd deals with everything under one roof. Our main aim is to help you and anyone else struggling to climb the property ladder to take the plunge and make a return for the future.

Invest the smart and hassle free with The House Crowd and crowdfunding. Order your free information pack from us today.