Here at The House Crowd, we are always extolling the virtues of our beloved North West. Our part of the country is seeing an influx of regeneration and development not seen since the Industrial Revolution, and it’s got everyone very excited.

We love playing a role (albeit a small one) in making the North West of England the thriving hub of business and creativity that it’s becoming. That’s why we centre on this part of the country for the focus of our developments, creating a new wave of beautiful homes and thriving communities, which will go hand in hand with our vision for a bright future for the region. And this is a vision which a whole swathe of residential property developers, as well as big companies, share.

The All-New H&M Distribution Unit Arrives!

As a shining example of this, we are pleased to share the news that world-leading fashion retailer, H&M, has recently leased a large (105,757 sq ft) unit in mid-Cheshire.

H&M has come to the Winsford Industrial Estate, via Custodian REIT. Situated ten miles from junctions 18 and 19 of the M6, H&M joins other big companies, Iveco, Henkel and Jiffy Packaging, who all occupy units on the site. REIT paid £5.55million for the unit, and has leased the property to H&M until June 2025. The rent is currently £423,000 per year, which reflects a net initial yield of 7.1%, and an expected reversionary yield of around 8.5%.


The Managing Director of Custodian Capital, the discretionary investment manager, Richard Shepherd-Ross, has described the unit as “modern and well-located, as well as noting that the unit has been recently refurbished, and the location includes around 1.8 acres of potential expansion land, which may be useful for the brand’s future requirements.

As if any more proof was needed that the North West is becoming the UK’s leading location for industrial and retail growth, this is it. Bringing such a world-renowned brand to our part of the country speaks volumes of the potential large companies are recognising in the area. With such companies bringing integral factions of their business to the area, the obvious result is an influx of new jobs. And with new employees comes, of course, the need for suitable homes.

The transport network in the North West is currently excellent, and the ongoing plans for the substantial development of public transport in the region will make it even easier for employees to reach those jobs.

Just another reason why investment in property in the North West is an increasingly smart investment. It’s also the principal region that will almost certainly withstand the shock to the property market caused by Brexit, unlike London, whose bubble is looking set to burst at any time.

Of course, property investment is never a sure thing, but at The House Crowd, we could not be more confident of the consistent predictable returns available in the North West. And with our simple, transparent investments suitable for most types of investor, we are proud to be a part of the crowdfunding phenomenon that is democratising the property market at such a crucial time.