Rather eye-catchingly, a recent Barratt Home Buyers study has found that individuals looking to buy a home consider this a greater priority in life than marriage or starting a family.

Whilst we consider this ‘study’ a rather sensationalist promotional tool, biased by the fact that survey recipients were home hunters quizzed by a housing company, it is perhaps worth considering what changes might be taking place in public perceptions as well-documented struggles for home ownership continue without an end in sight.

You only want what you can’t have, is a phrase that we believe can be applied to the aforementioned eye-catching statistic from the study. Demand for homeownership has risen perceptibly in young people over the last couple of years, as it has become more of a luxury than the attainable milestone it used to be. A decade ago it took 25 months on average to save a deposit for a new home, whereas it now takes a staggering 64 months , resulting in first time buyer numbers plummeting by 64% in 10 years.

The UK’s economic situation remains challenging and the principles of supply and demand matter now just as much as they ever have. Buying a first home is fast becoming a privilege attained only by a minority, and with this, public perceptions of owning a home may well be transforming and taking on a greater importance.

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