July saw the introduction of our Loan Note Product which provides a fixed interest rate for two years, a 10% extra layer of security to loans made, a more robust exit and enables investors to earn a regular income without having to invest in individual loans.

We also introduced an exclusive product for those who have a minimum of £60,000 to invest. It is forecast to deliver an annualised return of around 26% including both return from rental income (14.5% p.a.) and forecast capital growth.  If you have the available capital and would like information please contact [email protected]

Manoj has completed his recruitment for his tech department and we now have an in-house ‘geek team’ of five staff supported by an external team of ten developers. Improvements to our website and processes should happen at a much quicker rate now we are not reliant on a small external company to make requested changes.

Neil Baker, previously of Tote Sport, joined us as our new marketing director and will be working to improve our client communications and marketing.

I’ve run out of fingers (and toes) trying to keep track of new recruits – I think total team members are now about 23 with plans to recruit several more people in finance, marketing and client accounts in the new year.

We also had a great team building day clay-pigeon shooting out in the Cheshire countryside followed by the heavy drinking session by certain staff members (tut tut ?).  Visit our Facebook page if you would like to see photos.