We were very focussed during February on two main issues- launching the new look website and getting ready to launch both our Auto Invest Product and our Innovative Finance ISA.

We have had fantastic feedback about the new website (and would also welcome your thoughts if you have not already told us).

If you haven’t yet watched the new explainer videos on there I would recommend you do. They (hopefully) make everything very clear. You can view each of them in turn here.

Our new members have also found the ‘Choose Your Product’ table Nigel designed (which you can see on our homepage), comparing the different products we offer very helpful, clarifying the differences between each type of investment we offer.

We know there is still a great deal of work to do on the back end/investor dashboard. We have an in-house team of four and an outsourced team of another ten people working on this and you will see significant improvements being made over the course of the next six months, giving you a much better user experience and making it easier to manage your investments.

One of the main reasons we have introduced the Auto-Invest product is not only will it save you time and enable you to utilise your money in the most effective way but it will automatically diversify your money across all loans in the portfolio. Essentially every time new money is invested into loans in the auto-invest / ISA portfolio your capital in each loan is proportionately diluted and redistributed, mitigating your risk further. Therefore if something does go wrong with a loan (as it can do) then you will only have a fraction of your invested capital in that one loan. We believe this is a very sensible policy and one that it would be good to follow.

Coupled with the fact that your money will be earning interest 365 days a year rather than it spending periods sitting in a bank account waiting for a new loan to complete it is likely you will actually earn overall a higher return than investing in individual loans.

For the time being those invested in Auto-Invest will receive a monthly update of what loans are in the portfolio. The tech team are working through their action list as quickly as possible and we expect that within a few months the Auto invest portfolio will be accessible on your investor dashboard whenever you wish to view it.

We know many of our investors wanted us to provide Auto-Invest but we also realise some people still like to select individual investments so this will remain an option for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, its been an exceptionally busy month for all including Suhail and the property development team, who have several new developments in the pipeline that will be launching soon. Watch this space.

Don’t forget the deadline for investing in our brand new IF ISA and earning tax free returns at 7% p.a. is Friday 5th April. If you have registered an account with us look out for our email on Monday (19th March) which will contain more information.

Happy Investing,