“I love the British Summer. It’s my favourite day of the year.”

And, luckily, we chose that day to have our staff family fun day with fantastic woodfired pizzas.

Click here if you would like to see our team (and kids and dogs) enjoying themselves.

Ignoring the awful weather that made up the rest of August, it was another surprisingly bright month at The House Crowd, despite the entire world seemingly being on holiday for most of the time.

We completed more sales on Regent Street (which was our first ever new build development) and all investors have now been paid out with the interest as stated.

This is an email we received from John Gurnhill, in Nottingham, who has been with us for several years and was one of the investors in Regent Street:

“Thank you for the 15.97% total return on my peer to peer loan. I have reinvested most of the capital and interest into a further short term loan. Keep them coming. Thank you”

It’s always nice to know people appreciate what we do.

I was reflecting during the month on what we have achieved over the last five years. Our proudest achievement is the community of loyal investors we have built up – 96% say they would recommend us to friends and family (and many do)… and it’s always nice to meet people face to face, as we did in Bristol recently, but purely in terms of fundraising I realised that…

  • In 2013, we passed £1M in funds raised.
  • In 2015, we had our first £1M month
  • In 2016, we had our first £1M week
  • In August 2017 we almost (but not quite) had our first £1M day.

We fell short by just a few thousand pounds, but it really struck home how incredible it is that we have created such an attractive and popular investment model. It has far surpassed what I originally imagined. So a huge thank you to all those who continue to support us and to our client account/ investment team: Clarissa, Nigel, David and Damian who have helped build strong relationships with our clients. They do a fantastic job so feel free to contact them if you ever have any questions – they are always happy to help. David heads up our London office and is available to meet face to face for those who would like to do so.

We will be having an open day on November 1st where you can come in and meet us at our offices. Email invites to follow next week.

Anyway, back to business – if we almost reached £1M in a single day in August I reckon the team can definitely do it in September – so I will be cracking the whip over the next few weeks – hee, hee, hee!

It should be possible as we have at least two top notch development projects being released over the course of the month plus another round of funding for No. 10 Alderley Edge. The webinars we have done for past developments were such a success that we will be doing them for most developments now. If you missed the Micklehurst Road webinar you can access a recording of it here.

The webinar for our next development is scheduled for Wednesday 20th September at 7pm. Click here to register.

Anyway that’s all from me this month. Now everyone else is back off holiday, Clarissa and I are off on ours. Yippee!