Frazer Fearnhead, CEO of The House Crowd, presented a webinar entitled ‘How to Create a Passive Secondary Income’ on 6th June 2018. In this blog piece, you can find all the questions raised during the webinar with an accompanying answer.

If you didn’t have a chance to catch the webinar click here.


Q. Is diversification the best way of minimising risk?

A. Whilst there is no definitive ‘best way to invest’, diversification is a technique that has stood the test of time. For more information on how you can benefit from diversification, take a look at our recent blog post here.


Q. Why is property so preferable to the stock market?

A. Property is an illiquid asset whereas stocks and shares tend to be more liquid and free moving, making it more volatile in the process. Property tends to be more predictable and cyclical, allowing you to make better judgement calls.


Q.“Is The House Crowd FCA authorised?”

A.Yes. We have been authorised by the FCA since December 2017.


Q. Informative and insightful. When’s the next one?”

We are looking to record our next webinar in the coming month.


Q. “You noted that diversification is a sensible investment technique, to what extent do your two new products diversify capital?”

A. Both of our Auto-Invest and IF ISA products allow our investors to diversify their capital across an extensive portfolio without having to lift a finger. We do all the legwork for you, and choose suitable investments for your portfolio from a selection of development loans or peer to peer loans


Q. “If I wanted to create an account, does that mean I have to invest?
A. No. Joining us is completely free and you don’t have to invest unless you want to. Once you have set up an account you can view information regarding our investments in much more detail.


Q. “You mention that we too can invest like the banks, what do you mean?”

The House Crowd allows you to lend your money in the exact same way the banks do. Investments are secured against property to give you that little extra peace of mind. Not to mention The House Crowd offer a typical return of 10%, which when compared to the bank’s paltry 0.2% p.a, it makes you think