When confronted with the huge amount of choice found within the world of alternative investment, pinpointing the best way to lend money online can seem like a bit of a daunting task.
Deciding how method of investing, and what suits you best would presumably straightforward, right? In practice it may sound simple, but, it’s no easy feat. Trudging through an increasingly viscous mass of online lenders can soon turn into a somewhat messy ‘luck of the draw’ styled proceeding, which isn’t ideal to say the least.

Many people these days are using alternative finance to invest their capital. Over 150,000 Brits have lent nearly £10 billion through peer to peer platforms over the past decade. Despite the number of investors that are injecting their capital into alternative finance, many traditional investors are still apprehensive. After all, we’ve all heard the horror stories- no matter how few and far between they may be.

It’s no question that the advent of fintech has led to a more inclusive financial environment for everyone. Information and opportunity are abundant, but this doesn’t make it any less confusing for the uninitiated. Finding an attractive rate is one thing, but finding a company that will provide you with all the information you need upfront is another. When you are looking to lend money online it’s essential that you locate a platform that works for you, and not the other way around.

Finding the right platform

With so many platforms, deals and ‘carrot on a stick’ incentives out there, it feels like finding the best way to lend money online is nothing more than a total shot in the dark. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable, trustworthy and honest platforms at your disposal. Like The House Crowd for example. That’s right, we’re not afraid of shameless plugs.

However, regardless of how trustworthy a platform may be, you are still more than likely going to be very tentative about your first steps into the world of investing. Understandably so, because after all, it is your money you’re investing. Whilst on your search, here a few thoughts to consider.


1. Reputability

When considering what’s the best way to lend money online, it is extremely beneficial to understand where a company have come from and the accolades they have to their name. By taking a quick look at a company’s Trustpilot page, you can often gain quite a clear indication to their performance. You can find The House Crowd’s Trustpilot page here.


2. Transparency

It is vitally important, that you and others are aware of the specific risks and potential pitfalls of property investing. Like any type of investment, risk is an inherent part of the investment process. To read The House Crowd’s Risk warning, please click here.


3. Suitability

Finding the best fit for you when lending money online and locating what works best for you is paramount throughout this process. You should always be comfortable with making an investment and you should always make sure that it aligns with your current financial standing.



About us

When we launched The House Crowd in 2011, it was the first property crowdfunding platform in the world. Of course, once a good idea proves itself seeds are planted in other entrepreneurial people’s minds. As a result, online platforms multiplied rapidly, and in a short space of time, a plethora of peer 2 peer lending companies sprung into life, each providing their own variation of the crowdfunding theme.

We are now fully FCA regulated. This ensures a high level of transparency and a legal obligation to be upfront about all risks involved across all of our investments. With a reputable, helpful and warm member support team all questions are welcome; if you’re not sure, just ask!

If you’re interested in making property investments that deliver real returns, sign up to The House Crowd today!