Okay, we have known for years that not enough new homes are being built. Increased demand and shortage of supply will  inevitably drive the affordability of housing out of the reach of many and create a huge problem. But what about making more use of the housing that we already have as opposed to building new homes?


We have a plethora of empty run down properties that have to be considered when we discuss this housing shortage – over 750,000 empty properties last time I read a report on it.  Surely we can look at incentivising further the investing in repossessed properties, bringing them back to life as opposed to just thinking about building expensive new ones.

At The House Crowd, our ethos is to make money for our investors; however,  we are also proud of the fact that we breathe new life into properties that others have left to rot.  Our methodology is a win/win for everyone, we allow people to make great returns from investing in property (from as little as £1,000) and in doing so provide a home that otherwise wouldn’t exist for a tenant or first time buyer.

By the way we are well under way to renovating HCP 003 and have offers accepted on HCP004. House Crowd Project 005 will be launching tomorow

If interested in joining us and making a great profit whilst breathing life into distressed property please join us here: http://thehousecrowd.com/thehousecrowd/invest-in-property/)