Justice For The Crowd

Justice For The CrowdHow great is this?

We love crowdfunding and the whole concept of the crowd coming together for the common good whether that be to invest in start-ups, property, inventions or community projects. But our property lawyer (thanks Jane) has just introduced us to a new crowdfunding site that we think is fantastic: www.Crowdjustice.co.uk

If you have an issue that might require legal action, and it affects your community, the platform can crowd together like-minded people to try and protect their particular interests. By pooling resources – each person can contribute according to their means –  it enables those with a worthy cause to access legal advice and fund judicial reviews of proposed legislation such as the recent proposed government changes that affect landlords Clause 24.

Even though Clause 24 doesn’t affect The House Crowd (as we do not borrow money), we believe that disallowing mortgage interest payments to be deducted from a landlord’s net profit calculations is grossly unfair and discriminatory.
Click here to find out more about the proposed legal case against Clause 24: https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/clause24/