Kickstarter Set To Kickstart UK Businesses

A few weeks ago we blogged about crowdfunding and how it appears to be sweeping the nation, and this is showing no signs of easing, with news that leading crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, is reportedly launching in the UK this Autumn.

This highly successful website provides a funding platform for new businesses. It is currently only available to projects registered in the US. However, according to a recent tweet, people in the UK will be able to launch projects on Kickstarter starting this Autumn. More info soon!

As the UK’s only crowdfunded property investment company, we think this is fantastic news; not only does it provide a powerful endorsement for crowdfunding as a very real and achievable form of investment, it also opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs who are struggling to enlist financial support from the more traditional routes. After all, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Opening up alternative funding routes, both for small businesses and for property investors, is a concept we are obviously right behind! Following the financial crisis caused by greedy banks in the 2008 crash, we are more determined than ever to make sure people have free choice over where they get their funding.

It’s important that big banks do not retain a monopoly on the lending market, which is becoming ever-more prohibitive for ordinary people seeking to build businesses, investments, and a better life for themselves.

The economy needs alternative funding options, which is why we exist. Kickstarter’s entry into the UK will further assist with building an alternative finance industry to give those big banks a run for their money.

The House Crowd is a brand new concept in property investment which allows people to invest small amounts via crowdfunding (for more information on the process, visit our how it works page.

We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments.

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