It doesn’t matter how you spend or invest your money, there are always risks involved whether it’s buying a new car, booking a holiday, investing in a new business or building your property investment portfolio. That’s just a matter of life and how the world works I’m afraid, but if we all hid under the bed sheets because we’re too scared to take a risk, we would never do anything and quite simply, it would be very boring. Life is about taking risks and you only get once chance at it, so go for it!

If you picked up the latest edition of the Sunday Express, you would have noticed that The House Crowd was mentioned in an article “Investing in peer-to-peer lending”. The article was highlighting how peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has evolved into crowdfunding, whilst mentioning the risks involved. We’re not going to deny that there are risks involved with crowdfunding, but as we mentioned there are risks involved with everything you invest your money in. We would also like to state that The House Crowd is FCA regulated and we offer security and bricks and mortar in our property crowdfunding investments. This therefore makes property investment through crowdfunding safer and a more attractive proposition than lending to start-up businesses.

Like all types of crowdfunding, property crowdfunding offers an alternative method to building your property investment ladder. Money is raised by various investors to finance the project rather than having to visit the bank for a loan and with property crowdfunding. The House Crowd has helped to give people an opportunity to climb the property ladder and build their property investment portfolio with no banks involved.

We have a high success rate in funding our property investment projects and have received positive feedback from our investors. We reached our 100th property investment project back in December 2014 and we’re already on our 119th project.

So, live for tomorrow not just for today, and contact The House Crowd for more information about our property investment projects, or download our FREE online property crowdfunding information pack.