2014 will be closing its doors on us very soon {wipes eyes} and The House Crowd has been looking back at the year and what a remarkable year it has been {wipes eyes again}. So what have the Hale based property investments crowdfunding company achieved over the last 12 months? Well sit back, relax, grab yourself a brew and let us tell you.

  • We’ve closed a total to date of 55 property investments projects
  • Raised a total of £4.89m to date in 2014
  • Raised our first £1m jackpot in October 2014
  • Since launching our first crowdfunding project, The House Crowd has raised a total of £7.5m to date
  • And, we have been nominated, reached the finals and won numerous awards.

All in all, it hasn’t been a bad year at all and we couldn’t have done without our forever growing family of property investors and of course, The House Crowd team for making this possible. So cheers to you all for making 2014 a real belter and let’s welcome 2015 with open arms, and see what the next 12 months brings us.

And on that note folks, The House Crowd would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2015. We’re not closing our doors on you over the festive holidays, so still free to pop over to our website or download our FREE information pack. Or you can start your New Year’s Resolution from now by joining The House Crowd’s property investments family and join the world of crowdfunding. You can begin planning the future with The House Crowd…